Colour:As we have said before, all diamonds (man-made or mined) are basically carbon. The carbon extracted from your donation (ashes, hair, umbilical cord, horn, hoof, nails) – is as unique as you are (even your twin). The carbon therefore is also unique and contains elements and minerals etc; which is also unique. These all effect the colour of the diamonds we grow.

Because we only grow Naturally coloured ‘Memorial Diamonds’, we do not offer “White” diamonds – however, the outcome of our Free-Range Blue/White diamonds is very very light. The bizarre fact that the ‘London Riots Diamond’ came our almost white is idicative of the difference between human/animal ashes and that of the street detritus after the buildings were razed to the ground.

Cut: Diamonds (and a few simulants) have a unique way of scintillating (sparkling) – this is better described as the light returning back to your eyes – with all the flashes and colours of the rainbow. Diamond is not only one of the hardest materials on the planet but also one of the widest refractors (spreading those rainbow colours). 90% of all world diamonds are cut and polished ‘Brilliant’ (round) because this cut offers the best scintillation and sparkle. We usually only supply this cut (but you can always ask about Princess etc:)

Clarity: All diamonds (even mined ones) have flaws and inclusions. We aim for an accepted clarity of VS1 or better. The grown raw diamond can have various shades and flecks of carbon just as they are found in nature, but an experienced cutter avoids any such inclusions and flaws as much as possible whilst polishing to the size of finished diamond requested.

Carat: It is as difficult and technical a process to produce a tiny 1/10th of a carat diamond as it is to make 1.00 carat. For this reason, the smallest diamond we make (0.25carat) is just as complex to process as the biggest we supply (2 crt), so we have to adopt a minimum order, which is 1x 0.5crt Canary (or 2x 0.33crt or 3x 0.25crt).