If Cremation has been chosen, scattering all their ashes (Cremains) can be too much of a final closure. If burial was decided then all we can use is their hair (see important notes further).

Diamonds are forever they say. What better more fitting way could you remember them by than with a real memorial diamond made from the last remnants of their existence – the carbon within their ashes and extracted from their hair – to be close to you forever.

Many people do not realize it is possible to make diamonds from carbon within ashes (or hair) …..but just like the Phoenix our cremation diamonds almost rise from those ashes, they are as immortal as the Phoenix, as scintillating as its tears, as colourful and fiery as its beautiful feathers.

Only a small amount of ashes or hair is needed – to make a fabulous Canary or Blue/White diamond, this can be mounted in a ring or a pendant. More than one diamond can be made from one batch of carbon and different sizes are available to suit your budget. You may also want a keepsake for other family members and friends.

Don’t be fooled by the many fake, faux diamonds or impostors. Phoenix Memorial Diamonds are genuine diamonds. They are not synthetic or cheap imitation but real diamonds – only created in a laboratory. They possess the exact same characteristics of mined diamonds, they are cut and polished in exactly the same way as natural diamonds have been for centuries.

Phoenix Cremation and/or Hair Diamonds are kind to the earth. They have all the attributes of natural rare (fancy) diamonds ripped from huge mines – same fire, same hardness but without the social stigma, the blood sweat and tears of hard labour or the environmental issues having a massive impact on the earth.

Apart from being featured in a Channel 4 TV film “Ashes into Diamonds” Phoenix have been actively researching the manufacture of important event diamonds. A few notable ones include :-

The Jessica Diamond – a world first using the carbon within an umbilical cord [you can also Google it]

The Promessa Diamonds – another ‘first’ using the remnants from ‘Promession’ (freeze drying)

The London Riots Diamond – made from the detritus swept from the ruins of the London Riots in 2011

The Honey Bee Diamonds – made from the dead bodies of hundreds of bees (ongoing project).