All diamonds – man made or natural – are simply carbon. Graphite (like pencil lead) is carbon too, in fact a lot of nature and natural things contain carbon.

For ‘Memorial Diamonds’ we extract carbon from ‘Cremains’ (Cremation Ashes) and also hair, in a laboratory process. Both hair and ashes contain different amounts of carbon.

Cremation of a loved one, is now more popular than burial. Modern crematoria has a very high ‘burn’ factor – which tends to reduce any non-essential carbon, but does leave us around 4% which we will be using.

Once we have the required amount of carbon, we process it further and then – like the Earth does – compress it at massive pressures whilst heating it to fantastic temperatures, but instead of ‘years’ our unique process can take just a few months.

After a certain amount of time, we allow the molten material to reform into its natural state, in the diamonds case a dodecahedron. This is then cut and polished as diamonds have been for millennia.

We prefer to cut our diamonds with 58 facets in the scientific shape which produces the very best scintillation – the round ‘Brilliant’ cut.