Our Diamonds

Having been manufacturing ‘Memorial Diamonds’ for over 12 years, from simple one colour (Yellow) beginnings we then moved to Blue and have now attained our ‘Holy Grail – Pink diamonds made from both hair and ashes – of human or animal source.

The most economical natural colour diamond we make is Canary Yellow. This beautiful hue due to nitrogen does nothing to detract from the scintillation and flashes of fire found in clear white mined diamonds. Being the most economical, it is the least expensive – but we use this word carefully – for ‘Fancies’ (as coloured diamonds are known in the trade) are actually rarer and MORE expensive than cherry-picked white diamonds.

Blue diamonds stem from Boron (Carbon molecules love boron – which sticks to them naturally and forms a blue hue). We limit the boron to allow as light a blue towards clear as possible, but we class these as ‘Free-Range Blue’ as the shade is unknown until it emerges from the growth chamber – as a raw diamond.

Though we can make ‘white/clear’ diamonds, our ‘MD’s do have a slight blue hue – which is your ‘loved-one’ within. If the diamond was absolutely clear, it may as well be just like all the worlds ‘whites’.

Another way that we are diamonds are unique – is our equipment. We do use the HTHP (High Temp’ & High Pressure) system developed by Russia in the 1950’s, but our press is huge and reaches 10,000 tons per sq’ inch at temperatures beyond 1300c.

Because we have to grow a larger RAW diamond – to get the best of a single-shot process, we prefer to cut ‘MD’s with 58 facets, round termed ‘Brilliant’ cut. This a scientifcally calculated formulae to return the incoming light refracted back to the beholder as fashes of blue and fre. It also reduces waste and allows the cutter and polisher freedom to steer away from natural inclusions.

The whole process of making ‘Memorial Diamonds’ takes around 13-15 weeks. We require around 100-200 grams of ashes or 25-30 grams of hair to make upto 1.5 carat diamonds. Smaller quantities can make smaller diamonds but it is always best to enquire if source material is limited.

As we only make REAL diamonds for (usually) private customers, we do not automatically Certify them. This saves around £180 and three weeks in the hands of The Birmingham Assay Offce [AnchorCert]. It also saves your priceless diamond from being posted backward and forward (even with the slightest chance of being lost).