Fantastic Funeral
The Fantastic Funeral Company is a new concept in planning and preparing for the end of life. Our focus is very much about celebrating life and recognising that because everyone is individual, they may choose to depart from this life in a less sombre way than tradition has dictated in the past.

Phoenix Urns
Phoenix Urns is a studio specialising in Fine art hand painted cremation urns, painted by the artist Michael van de Sande Phoenix Hand Painted Urns are available in a wide variety of standard designs, but they can be adapted to reflect upon the special memories of your loved one. Every urn comes with it’s own “Certificate of Authenticity”. (“Phoenix Urns” is not a part of Phoenix-Diamonds, but is a separate company)

MuchLoved is the UK charity that helps people create beautiful and special memorial websites to remember and commemorate their loved ones.Their free service is easy to use and is designed to be sensitive, completely personalised and rich in features including picture galleries, slideshows, music and video players.

Heavenly Stars Fireworks
Many families are now choosing to celebrate the life of their departed loved-ones through fireworks. Heavenly Stars Fireworks Limited has created a spectacular and tasteful range of celebratory fireworks to disperse your loved-ones ashes into the heavens. Our team have listened to our clients and have created a range of ground-based celebratory fireworks and effects to reflect the personality of your lovedone.

The National Association of Funeral Directors
The National Association of Funeral Directors is a truly independent Trade Association with the broadest membership within the funeral profession, including more than 3,200 funeral homes nationwide, suppliers to the profession and overseas funeral directing businesses. Member companies range from small family businesses to Public Limited Companies and Cooperatives, conducting in excess of 500,000 funerals every year.

Lastwishes is to be totally rebuilt and will be live again shortly. A non-profit organization, the site offers a recorded store of of your living wills, your real lastwishes and messages to friends all around the world who otherwise would not know of your demise.

Losing a loved one is one of life’s most difficult realities; we hope in some way that the products and services offered on this website will help to bring comfort at this painful and emotional time. Many of our products allow you to add your own personal touch to celebrate the uniqueness of the life it represents.


Memorial Jewellery
Memorial Jewellery is a new venture, distributing ‘KeepSake’ memento pendants containing minute amounts of cremation ashes or hair. This ‘hollow-ware’ is made to the highest standards in Sterling Silver and Vermeil (a very heavy 14 crt gold plate) Prices range from £195 to around £245 for further info’ call 0870 881 0612 or visit our blog