The Process

All diamonds (man-made or mined) are basically carbon, which has been compressed and heated deep in the earth over millions of years. We emulate those same conditions using unique specialist hydraulic presses in a laboratory, compressing at massive pressures whilst heating to fantastic temperatures the extracted carbon from your Cremation Ashes and/or hair, to grow a genuine raw diamond, instead of years, we make them in months.

Phoenix Memorial Diamonds create real diamonds from hair and ashes. They are most definitely NOT synthetic, fake, faux, CZ, Moissanite, ‘Aura’ or made from DNA (which is impossible), nor are they like injected ‘essence’ or coated diamond colour imitations. They have the exact same characteristics of natural mined diamonds, same hardness, same scintillation – but without the social stigma of Blood, Sweat & Tears or the huge upheaval of the earth’s surface.

We grow only naturally coloured diamonds made up of the uniqueness of your loved-one’s ashes or hair. We do not irradiate them to alter their natural colour which can be Canary Yellow and (what we term) ‘Free-Range’ Blue/Whites, Pink or almost White.