Notwithstanding the grief the bereaved will suffer, there are some advantages in the use of hair, especially if the whole idea of a ‘Memorial Diamond’ has not even been discussed, because once the loved-one has been buried any opportunity to use it will be lost.

Saving as much hair as possible before burial can be upsetting, but once the grief has subsided, memento’s of various types (not only diamonds) can then be considered.

Hair contains around 40% carbon. If a ‘Memorial Diamond’ is being made from a loved-one, we need around 25 grams (½ a tea cup), so ANY hair can be useful. To this end, we can discuss matters with the funeral arrangers.

For pets, dogs and cats fur – and in particular, thick horse-hair – is usually abundant.

A few extra words on ‘Carbon’. Over our many years, we have made diamonds from an umbilical cord The Jessica Diamond. From nails, dead-bees, street detritus [The Razing of the Reeves Store during the London Riots], from sentimental pieces of wood and also from loam produced in the ‘Promessa‘ (freeze-drying) process.

As long as carbon is present and can be extracted, we can usually make a diamond from it.